Let's Talk About You


Yes, you.

Not your job. Not your relationship status. Not the number in your bank account. We want to know you—who you are, who you’ve been, what excites you, what you dream about, what you’re scared of . . . all of it. Because honestly? We care more about who you are than what you do. And we also know that—no matter who you are—it can be hard to connect as women. With busy jobs, preoccupying families, and (hopefully, some semblance of) a social life, more and more of us feel stuck. Stagnant. Or worse yet, alone.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are women—just like you—who are constantly growing, connecting, challenging themselves. There are women—just like you—who feel the pull to play bigger, show up stronger . . . and want to bring their sisters along for the ride! There are women—just like you—who are ready to live an amplified life. 

And The Amplify Collective brings those women together.