The Amplified Woman

A six month incubator for 20 ambitious women ready to up the ante on cultivating a conscious life + business. We begin April 10th.


What if entrepreneurship could be an expansive, freedom-inducing experience?

But maybe you’ve found that {even when you’ve been in business for over a year} business is more stressful than ever. The hustle never seems to end. And in fact, it’s often revered as the holy grail of answers to all your problems. Not making enough money? Work harder. Not getting the clients you want? Work harder. Not having consistent results? Work harder.

Yet how much harder can we actually work?

Especially while allowing our health, our relationships, and our sanity to suffer.

When we asked hundreds of entrepreneurs what their latest business mistake was, most of them included things like:

  • working too much on things that didn’t really make a difference
  • resenting their business because of how hard they worked with little payout or results to show for it
  • rushing + pushing everything - sending them into complete overwhelm
  • not prioritizing the tasks that will make the most impact

It’s no wonder women entrepreneurs are burned out, exhausted, stressed and more depressed than ever.

Now, we are not proposing the concept of having it all while making it appear effortless. That is an unrealistic expectation on women that is perpetuating women’s brokenness in the world. Just scroll through your Instagram feed... you know exactly what we're talking about.

What we are proposing is that there is a way you can grow your business without sacrificing your life. And in fact, growing your business at the expense your well-being is literally keeping you from truly thriving.

If any of this feels true for you, the good news is that there is another way.

A way to un-business your business. A way that invites more ease and less waking-up-at-four-am-stressed-the-fuck-out with your endless to-do list while compare-itis rages in your ear. A way that embodies a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that enables longevity and sustainability.