Angela Mader {on overcoming struggles}

The struggle is real. We hear this a lot and we feel it a lot. It's not easy being human, especially the more we say yes to our purpose and endeavor down a road that not many have been on. So what can we do to struggle less? And is it about struggle that knocks us down so often?

That's what we explore in this episode of Be Amplified. Plus, check out an amazing interview with Angela where she shares her vulnerable truths about having it all, creating a business and embracing grace in the midst of struggle.


Based out of Orange County, California, fitlosophy was founded in 2008 by Angela Mader. The mission of fitlosophy is to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world - literally.  As fitlosophy's founder, Angela created the company's flagship product, fitbook™, and subsequent line of healthy lifestyle products and programs to promote taking a positive approach to reaching goals and to live life fit™.  From working with retailers such as Target, Walgreens, and Amazon, to consulting with schools, healthcare organizations, and Fortune 1000 companies to implement results-driven wellness programs, Angela has taken what was once her own personal battle to fuel her passion for positively influencing the lives of others.  Born and raised in Colorado, Angela is a graduate of CU-Boulder, holds an MBA from UC-Irvine, and has certifications in personal training and fitness nutrition. She is a self-proclaimed goal guru and type-A entrepreneur who thrives on new ideas, is driven by passion, and powered by coffee.

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  • The blessing is in the mess!
  • Struggle is a part of life. So you might as well surrender to it.
  • Refusal to accept mediocrity is the only way to pursue your best in life.


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