Hillary Gadsby {on collaboration over competition}

In a world where we are taught that we must compete for the same resources and win to be successful, Thais + Bri have a different approach. Technically, these two women run competing businesses. It would be in their best interest to not be friends. Here's how they make it work, and how collaboration over competition is the new way to do business.

And you will hear from our special guest today, Hillary Gadsby on her take on business, mentorship and how to get ahead as an empowered woman.


Hillary Gadsby, Founder and CEO of A Gadsby Affair, is an event and marketing dynamo whose international career spans the United States, UK, and France. Hillary is known for creating and producing outstanding and diverse events including a wide range of corporate events, public relations, corporate meetings, product launches, tradeshows, fashion shows and non-profit fundraisers. Her extensive experience in Sales, Marketing and Event Management as well as providing exemplary service, has gained her recognition among some of the worlds most recognized companies including luxury market powerhouse brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Vera Wang. Her ability to successfully put her clients in the public eye and build new business relationships for them has gained her respect with companies in a variety of diverse industries from luxury goods to corporate finance.

As co-founder of StilettoGal, Hillary aims to inspire, educate and connect the next generation of female business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hillary Gadsby Networking Podcast Los Angeles


  • Entrepreneurs are re-creating the rules of business. First stop? Collaboration as the number one priority.
  • Creating mentorship in your life is the surefire way to success.
  • A personal board of directors can radically help you stay accountable to your goals!


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