Amanda Frances McKinney {on making fabulous money}

Money is an uncomfortable topic. And yet we obviously need money to survive. So what type of conversations do we need to have around money to feel empowered and supported by it? That is what Thais + Bri explore in this week's episode. Because there is definitely a way to have a relationship with money that excites you and makes you feel abundant. Plus, we are joined by money expert Amanda to share her take on how to use money as a tool to success!

About The Guest

Amanda Frances is a business coach for women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator and a self-proclaimed money manifestation queen. Through her four digital courses, weekly vlog, and private coaching packages, Amanda helps women to design a life and business they are wildly obsessed with. 

Amanda Frances McKinney Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • Money success starts by having the right money mindset.
  • If you want new results in your life, you're first going to have to look at what beliefs created the results you are currently experiencing.
  • Doing things afraid is better than not doing it at all.

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