Amateo Ra {on living a high vibe life}

We all know someone that just seems to glide through life. They are high energy, flowing through life and it seems like everything good happens to them. Why is that? Well, probably because they are living a high vibe life. Join us this week as we break down what it could look like for you to have more energy in your life. We also welcome on Amateo as this week's guest as he shares his insight on this very subject!

About The Guest

Amateo Ra is the CEO of the Ascension Academy and He is a Top Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Healers who are looking to scale their impact and income to higher-level.

He combines his long history of expertise in metaphysics, spirituality, business and coaching to create simple yet effective strategies for highly-scalable, high-vibe lifestyle businesses. His blogs have had millions of readers, and he currently specializes in creating World-Class live-events that generate over six-figures in profits. His greatest passion is helping humanity create a high-vibration reality.

Top Three Takeaways

  • "Why" is the lowest vibrational question you can ask yourself. 
  • Physical movement is crucial when it comes to shifting your mood and getting into a good place.
  • Living a high vibe life means taking responsibility for the life you live.

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