Asha Dahya {on silencing other women's voices}

Women often silence other women accidentally, and without realizing it's happening. In this episode, we discuss for 4 socially-ingrained, almost-unconscious, but nonetheless insidious ways that we silence other women’s voices, plus offer tips for how to begin amplifying other women's voices. Our guest, Asha Dahya, shares her personal journey about how she gained her own voice and continues to gain an understanding of it. She also shares how she got the idea + inspiration to start a platform to tell more women's stories, as well as the concerns she struggled with around starting it + how she moved through them. Asha explains how she started slowly, and learned to better navigate others’ reactions and responses - plus how she’s still figuring it out, relying on the tenets of respect + love as much as possible, while maintaining her own boundaries. 

About The Guest

Born in the UK, raised in Australia, East Indian by ethnicity and residing in Los Angeles, Asha is a great representative of the diverse, millennial generation who are seeking new ways to push the boundaries, and disrupt mainstream conversations.

Having previously worked for ABC,, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, TV Guide, MTV Australia, and Nine Network Australia, Asha has a comprehensive grasp on many aspects of media production. 

She is also the creator and editor-in-chief of, a daily women’s feminist newsmedia site. 

Her passion is to use her voice and platform to amplify the stories of women around the world. She is specifically interested in the intersection of reproductive rights, religion, race, and gender equality.

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Your voice matters AND every woman's voice matters. 
  2. Ask respectful questions, and be open to the answers, when you don't understand or agree with another woman's perspective or opinion. 
  3. The 4 ways of silencing women which we discussed this episode are:
    1. Interrupting
    2. Focusing on looks + physical traits
    3. Gaslighting {ie questioning other women’s experiences because they're not our own
    4. Tone-policing {saying things like "you’re too angry" or "you’re being too emotional."}

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