Ashley Cooper {on the art of surrender}

The root of your suffering comes from attachment. We hear this a lot in the spiritual conversation but what does it really look like to let go? How do we let go when we are so attached to the outcome? Bri + Thais dive into the topic of surrender and are joined by empowerment coach Ashley Cooper where she shares her journey from being suicidal to stepping into her power and being a beacon of light to the world.

About the Guest

Ashley Cooper is an empowerment coach, inspirational speaker and writer on a mission to help people everywhere unlock their full potential. She overcame years of depression & suicidal ideology as a child to honour her life’s purpose of helping others unlock their full potential. 

All areas of Ashley's life are infused with a heartfelt combination of passion & compassion. Through her public speaking, writing, art & charitable project’s she plants the seed of possibility in the hearts of those she touches. She is an expert on helping you overcome self-sabotage so can truly come from a place of Authentic Power and presence. 

Ashley is both an Ashtanga and restorative Yoga instructor, Reiki master and healer. Her biggest breakthrough came from a 21 day vow of silence she did at the end of a year long journey following her soul through South East Asia and Australia. During this vow of silence she went from a complete nervous breakdown to a spiritual breakthrough, and has committed herself to helping others find that freedom.

She is also the founder of “The 6A Method from Pain to Power™” a comprehensive system & set of tools to help people see obstacles as opportunities and vulnerability as strength. 

Ashley is also the co-founder of ABC Charity™- a global art project based on kids helping kids, 100% of the proceeds raised through ABC Charity are donated to different children’s charities from around the world.

Top Three Takeaways

  • Everything comes from gratitude. The more gratitude you have the closer you are to source.
  • Surrendering is not giving up, it's releasing how it has to look.
  • Take appreciation to another level by being in gratitude for the difficult things.

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