Bri Seeley {on taking big leaps}

This week, it's Bri's turn to be interviewed by Thais - that's right, we've flipped the script a bit in this episode and one of your co-hosts is interviewing the other, instead of the two interviewing someone else or riffing together on a topic. In this episode, Bri explains her theory behind taking big leaps in your life and breaks down the steps she will be explaining in her upcoming book, and expanding on in her upcoming podcast. Bri discusses the importance of not basing your life and your possibilities only in the "shoulds" of the physical world and in the things you can see and touch, and talks about the importance of faith, trust, spirituality and surrender when taking big leaps. Plus, she shares the first big leap she took at age 13 to consciously voice her desires and commit to what she wanted. Bri also explains what it means to live an inspired life and an inspirational life and also reminds us that there is no one way to do either. Bri shares some of the lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur, and discusses the process, changes, departures and arrivals involved in having your own business, expanding on the importance of being able to let go as an entrepreneur without feeling like you're a failure.    

More About Bri

Bri Seeley is an Inspirational Woman who supports women around the world to turn their inner visions into their outer realities.

Bri is motivated by a deeply-held belief that every woman deserves to live a life that inspires her, and her work reflects this deep remembering of the possibility - nay, inevitability - that our desires hold.
Through her signature 6-month training Permission to Leap (plus upcoming book + podcast by the same name!) she will guide you through the process of leaping from the day you commit to your vision, all the way through each stage, up until the day you land softly on the other side of it all.
A catalyst, speaker, and author, she is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post and is known by many for her compassionate, yet tell-it-like-it-is guidance that creates massive and epic changes in every woman she encounters.

Bri has been featured on The Today Show, Forbes, Medium, Kickstarter, PBS,
and Free Enterprise.

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Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Inner alignment and internal work is important, crucial even, in helping you offer your inner light out into the outside, physical world. 
  2. There is no one way to live an inspired life and to be inspirational in the world. You have to figure out what that is for you through the inner work. 
  3. There are risks and rewards on both sides of any potential leap: there are risks and rewards associated with taking a leap, and risks and rewards associated with not taking that leap.

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