Bri + Thaís {on navigating the online world like a boss}

We live in the digital age which means we spend an increasingly amount of time online and connected. So how do we do it in a way that feels good for our soul instead of getting sucked into what other people are doing? How do we navigate the online world with presence and grace while simultaneously being deeply rooted in the real world? That is what Thais + Bri explore in this week's episode. Enjoy!

Bri Seeley Thais Guimaraes Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • Be intentional with your posts. Always ask yourself, "why am I sharing this?" and "what do I hope people will gain from this?"
  • Social media is a great platform to get to connect with people OFFline. It should not replace in person contact!
  • Unfollow people who don't make you feel good. Period.

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