Bri + Thais {on consent, intent and making an impact}

This week, we're diving into a conversation around intent, impact, and consent. These are three important concepts to look at. Understanding and implementing these concepts in healthy ways can help you navigate difficult conversations or moments.  In this episode, we break down these topics, offering our own examples of how we've been navigating them lately, and sharing our advice. We hope this episode gives you more awareness around these powerful concepts in order to support you in living your amplified life. 

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Top Three Takeaways: 

  1. Take responsibility for your impact, as well as for your intent, and do not use your intention as a scapegoat or an excuse for ignoring your impact.
  2. Consider and respect other people's space, time, and feelings. Ask others for consent or permission before diving into a difficult conversation or before offering up advice that may be unwanted.  
  3. Start looking at the places in your life where you may be hiding behind intent, where you maybe are not taking responsibility for your impact, where you may be robbing others of their consent, or where others may be robbing you of yours. 

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