Bri + Thais {on getting real about challenges}

This week, we’re talking about how to deal with challenges– whether you’re facing them yourself, or whether someone else is sharing their challenges with you. In this episode, we discuss what to do and what not to do when someone else is sharing a challenge with you. Do hold space. Don’t try to fix the problem. Do notice your own discomfort with what’s being shared. Don’t make it about you. Do honor that person’s experience. Don’t offer advice as if you know better. We also get vulnerable and share the challenges that we have been facing lately, and that we’ve undergone in the past several months. We offer up the things that have helped us through these latest challenges and that have helped us in the past, such as accepting change and transformation, coming at things without judgement of yourself and others, and practicing radical, full-body gratitude. We hope this episode supports you in moving through any challenges you’re facing, and we hope to create an opening and a space for you to feel more loved, known, and accepted in the midst of any of your current challenges. We're here for you, loves. 

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Top Three Takeaways: 

  1. When someone is vulnerably sharing a challenge with you, notice your own discomfort and notice whether your propensity is to want to jump in and to fix things for them. Don't dishonor the other person's experience by telling them that everything is divine {even if you believe it is}. Rather, hold space and be there for them as best you can without trying to gloss over it, fix things, or make it about you. 
  2. When you're being faced with a challenge, do your best to try to practice acceptance for the situation, to hold space for yourself, and to acknowledge that challenges are how we undergo transformation and evolve as humans and as spiritual beings. 
  3. Practice radical gratitude. Instead of making a list of things you are grateful for {which inherently implies that there are things you're not grateful for} try to practice gratitude even for those things that aren't so rosy too. See if you can find gratitude for both the good and the bad things, and try to feel that on more full level for everything in your life.

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