Bri + Thais {on having it all}

Let’s talk about having it all – or rather the idea of having it all. So often, as women, we feel a need to have it all (and be able to do it all) to be enough.  Likewise, as entrepreneurs, we often feel a need to do what everyone else is, to get where others are, to have the “success” we see others having.  But do we really want all of that?  Once we have it all (and feel like we have to do it all) we don’t necessarily enjoy any of it. 

So what if having it all is simply about having it your way? What if having it all simply means having all that matters to you? We think so! In this episode, we talk about balance, boundaries, and the divine hustle – three concepts that can support you in beginning to look at your life without needing your life to look another way. We offer our advice for how to pursue aspirations and inspirations without getting caught up in the idea of having it all.  

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. The idea of having it all is perpetuating a broken system, and striving to reach this impossibility may leave you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and inadequate. 
  2. Look at the areas of your life that feel out of balance or where you’re having boundary issues. When you address them, pursue balance and draw the boundaries along the lines of what’s truly important to you.  
  3. When you get in better touch with your intuition and purpose, you can implement the divine hustle to guide you towards what's best for you and away from doing or pursuing things because you feel like you have to do them or have them.

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