Bri + Thais {on the shame of having debt}

The power of money is tremendous. So is the power of the shame and guilt you might carry about having debt or failing to keep up with the Joneses.  Society teaches us that debt is bad - and yet our social system is constantly pushing consumers - especially women- toward going into debt, for that house, that schooling, that insurance policy, the latest beauty product.  In this episode, your hosts, Bri & Thais, offer their advice about debt and spending to support you in stepping into more power around your finances.  They vulnerably share their personal stories about navigating debt and the shame of having it, and explain why it's so important for women to step into their financial power - starting with overcoming limiting beliefs about debt, money, and worth.

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Women taking power over their money - including overcoming the shame of debt- is important to women's liberation.
  2. Notice any feelings or beliefs you’ve been carrying about money and debt.  If you have feel shame or a lack of trust about how you currently or previously handled finances, remove some of the shame and judgment around it. Forgive yourself. Go easy on yourself.
  3. Take ownership: Begin educating yourself, bringing in the support you need, and being more conscious and cognizant of where, when, and how you spend & invest your money. 

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