Cary Williams {on embracing your femininity}

In this week's podcast we dive into femininity, and what you can do to open yourself up to feeling more feminine in your life. And no, that doesn't mean wearing dresses or putting on makeup. We are joined this week with a phenomenal guest, Cary Williams, who shares her story as being a feminine role model in a masculine based sport. 

About The Guest

Cary Williams is a boxer and the founder of a unique clothing brand called Too Pretty. The Too Pretty brand was created out of a Cary’s experience in a male dominated sport: Boxing. As a fighter, Cary was told often that she was Too Pretty to be a boxer. Which really meant in their mind, that she was not capable. Those same people who then saw her fight would say, “You fight like a boy!” And in the world of boxing or any sport where you get punched in the face; that is a compliment. Fast forward 5 years and it dawned on her that she was not the only girl or woman experiencing these comments. There were business owners, surfers, managers, race car drivers, writers, bodybuilders and the list goes on! She launched the Too Pretty brand in late 2015 with a few lines of T-shirts and halter tops. They were a hit (no pun intended)! The social media platforms started to grow and the #tooprettymovement began.

Top Three Takeaways

  • Femininity is not about wearing dresses, it's a way of being.
  • It's not about 100% being feminine or masculine, it's about finding the balance between the two.
  • Connecting with your inner child can be so helpful in finding who you are and what you're about in the world.

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