Desiree Adaway {on intersectional feminism}

This week are diving into the topic of intersectional feminism - a concept that may be new to some of our listeners, but one that is incredibly important to understanding feminism and for taking a stand for the rights of women - all women.  

 Intersectional feminism recognizes how the various social factors that define an individual or group {like sex, gender, race, class, socio-economic status} can overlap and consequently MULTIPLY-- rather than simply add to-- the marginalization or devaluation of the person or group.  In other words, a variation of feminism that works fine for white women, may actually not address the challenges faced by women of color, and may in fact be keeping them oppressed. Likewise, a feminism that defines gender by genitalia may be very hurtful for transsexual or intersexed people who nonetheless identify as women.  Intersectionality recognizes that multiple factors make up a person's identity, and ultimately affect a person's lived experience in incredibly complex and nuanced ways. 

In this episode, we own our privilege a little bit, and put ourselves out there to come to a better understanding about how to apply this type of feminism in our work and lives. We were honored to have Desiree Adaway join us as our guest, to breakdown intersectionality further, share what it means to be an activist, discuss the need for brave spaces, share her own lived experience, and call us to action.  


Desiree Adaway is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator. All of her presentations have a mix of thought provoking content presented with humor and wit. When she teaches she makes a point to connect with every person, and create a safe space for their growth. She is known by staff, senior leadership, peers, and partners as being great at open, honest, and productive conversations. She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of great work. Her style is positive, approachable, engaging, service-oriented and audience-centered.

Top Three Takeaways:

1. We all have multiple identities and social factors affecting us; human lives can't be explained only by addressing a single category. Any truly-workable change must acknowledge the nuance and complexity of these identities and factors on our lives and the lives of others.  
2.  We need to be focusing on building true communities and strenghtaning real, transformational relationships - not merely transactional ones. 

3. Push yourself to do the work of unpacking your privilege, educating yourself, having difficult conversations, exposing yourself to new perspectives, and building new, meaningful relationships with people who are not like you.  

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