Emily Ellyn {on food + mindfulness}

This week, we dive into the topic of mindfulness, as it revolves around food.  Food is a good indicator for understanding other aspects of your life and a great tool for practicing gratitude, developing trust in yourself, and for being present and in community.  We are joined by renowned chef, Emily Ellyn, who shares her thoughts on spirituality, the spiritual component of food, and her wisdom about how food can be used to bring more connection, community, awareness, and presence to your life. 

About the Guest

Chef and culinary educator Emily Ellyn is the Home Economics teacher you’ve always wanted!  She's the mother of Retro Rad cooking and encourages everyone to dig through their mother's recipe box, dust off their pressure cookers, and take the old and make it new.  She takes the retro, remixes it, and makes it RAD.

With her quirky persona and trademark cat-eye glasses, you'll find this Retro Rad Diva cooking up fun and inspiring audiences at food events around the world; all while developing her culinary TV career and finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education. You’ve seen her on “Cupcake Wars,” "Cutthroat Kitchen" and morning news shows across the country; as well as a cameo cartoon appearance on the “Simpsons!”

Emily grew up harvesting food and raising animals on a farm in rural Ohio.  Eager to dive into the culinary field, she worked in Cleveland's top restaurants and started her own catering company while still in high school.  Upon leaving Ohio, Emily graduated with a degree in Restaurant Management from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York.  There, she worked as a teaching assistant until moving to Paris to attend graduate school at Academie Internationale de Management.  Emily then went on to earn two master’s degrees in Hospitality Management; one in Paris and one from UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality and Management in Orlando.

Top Three Takeaways:

  • 1. Get curious and aware about how you operate related to food and meals because how we do one thing is how we do everything. 
  • 2. Food gives an excellent opportunity to slow down, to practice more mindfulness + awareness, and to invite in more gratitude to your life.
  • 3. There is a spiritual element to food, to eating, to nourishing our bodies, and to sharing a meal with others.  

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