Gwen Paja {on LA living}

Los Angeles is a pretty magical city! In this episode, Thais + Bri diverge from their usual topics and have fun sharing their thoughts about celebrities, regrets and their favorite things about Los Angeles. They are joined by LA expert Gwen Paja where you will learn about growing a blog, being a passionate woman, and fun LA tips.

About The Guest

Gwen Paja, founder of The LA Girl, is a marketing professional with a passion for editorial content, living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring other women. She is an LA native and is a self-proclaimed Los Angeles ambassador. When she's not at her day job at AwesomenessTV or working on The LA Girl, she enjoys doing yoga, hiking mountains, traveling the world and spending time with her fiance, Luke, and their dog, Pucci. 

Gwen Paja Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • Purpose, passion and balance are crucial to living an amplified life.
  • Growing a thriving blog while balancing a full time job is possible with the right tools!
  • Los Angeles is the best city in the world!

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