Jaclyn Mullen {on being an entrepreneur}

Being an entrepreneur is tough. We are constantly juggling the desire to be successful while simultaneously enjoying our lives. This week Thais + Bri chat about being an entrepreneur and how to be productive, creative and joyful in the process of building an empire. Jaclyn Mullen joins the conversation to share her input on work/life balance and creating structures for success. It's a must listen!

About The Guest

Jaclyn Mullen is a performing artist by trade, and an entrepreneur by experience. For the past 6 years, she's had the great honor of using the internet to meet other BOLD movers, shakers and makers in the world and advise/coach/mentor them on the risky yet rewarding endeavor of launching a brand and business themselves. 

The world wide web has been the canvas she's used to: 
•Help business owners take inspired action that generates results.
•Find FUN in formulating strategies that scale.
•Cheer clients on on as they've faced their fears, limiting beliefs and self-doubts.
•And lastly, show her clients how to embrace GENUINE online marketing. 

She is a proud alumni and scholar of the University of Miami and the Tory Burch Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. Jaclyn is also a lead instructor for General Assembly. When she's not busy teaching, writing, networking or volunteering her time for causes close to her heart, she can be found singing in her kitchen while cooking something delicious that will likely end up on Instagram. To connect with her online, visit http://www.jaclynmullen.com/

Top Three Takeaways

  • Always question what you're spending your time doing in your business - is it generating the results that you want?
  • Make time for people and things that matter.
  • Creativity thrives in structure

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