James Kinney {on removing the guru}

In this week's conversation we break down the difference between idolization and inspiration. In a culture where we long for a "guru" to tell us everything we need to know in life, we have to drawl boundaries so we can harness our own internal guiding system. We also bring on James Kinney to talk about his path in life to becoming a U.S. President!

About The Guest

James N. Kinney is a serial entrepreneur, author, musician and host of The James Kinney Show.  A former Wall St sales executive and law firm marketer turn advocate for a better workplace, Kinney is the survivor of agoraphobia, depression and a nearly fatal car crash that forced him to learn how to walk again.  

Kinney turned a $200 investment into a 7 figure bi-coastal business group in five years.  Kinney’s clients have included Toyota, ELLE, IBM, Forest Whitaker, Lucinda Bassett, Yahoo, Redken, Belkin, Estee Lauder, City National Bank and many others.  

Kinney currently helps organizations build authentic and engaged cultures though his management consulting practice and his role at Haufe USA.

James Kinney Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • If you want to be seen as a leader, you first have to act like one.
  • Sit with what you truly want instead of looking at other people's lives.
  • What you see in others... you can only see it because you have that within you.

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