Jennifer Love {on being an imperfect woman}

This episode is all about dismantling the idea of needing to be perfect as a woman. Society places all sorts of expectations on women's perfection, and it can wear on us.  Join us for this week's episode where we share our messiness, how we are breaking the paradigm of perfection, and why we're not selling a "lifestyle." Jennifer Love joins us to share how to cultivate a level of compassion towards ourselves and others to break away from the search for perfection and instead understand that life is messy, and that's beautiful. We discuss ways to step into a space of non-judgment of ourselves and other women and the importance of not perpetuating society's patriarchal expectations of women's perfection.

About the Guest

Award winning, Shark Tank conquering, $100M+ raising, 17+ years under her high heels as a 5x serial entrepreneur, whose international wholesale chocolate company was named amongst the top US food and beverage companies of 2016, Jennifer Love is a trailblazer with a heart that matches her name. She’s an Agent of Abundance and the visionary CEO of One More Woman a movement leading high-impact women entrepreneurs in 2–10x revenue annually and becoming masterful with finances. She’s an eternal optimist grounded in hard analytics and believes ANYTHING is possible. In her words, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of how.”

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Top Three Takeaways:

  1. There is no such thing as perfect. Life is messy. Give yourself permission to be imperfect.
  2. Bring in awareness. Look at the ways you may be perpetuating the idea of the perfect woman or placing power and importance in others based on what society deems acceptable or what the patriarchy expects.
  3. Be nicer to yourself. Cultivate compassion for your own imperfections, and you'll be in a better position to do so for other women. 

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