Joanna Waterfall {on being a creative}

Let's talk about being a creative. And the creative process. And some important elements to keep in mind as you endeavor on your own creative journey. We also have Joanna Waterfall in the house to share her thoughts of creativity, living an amplified life and staying focused and sane through it all.

About The Guest

Joanna Waterfall is the Founder of Yellow Co., an organization that exists to empower creative women to become agents of good. With a degree in graphic design and digital media and a background in branding, Joanna believes that creativity, purpose and business should go hand in hand. She has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, LA Lady Magazine, Career Contessa, Belong Magazine and others. She is motivated by the belief that women can change the world through stepping into what makes them come alive

Top Three Takeaways

  • Creating space is essential to allowing something new into your life.
  • Focus is critical to powerfully manifest your vision into the world.
  • Picking a word for the year or for the month can help in staying grounded in the ideation process.

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