Katie Bressack {on balance + flow}

Health. Balance. Flow. These are all tricky subjects that we dive into in this week's episode. Because if you want to live a truly amplified life, you have to find a way to navigate your relationship with your body and yourself in a way that feels good. Joining our conversation this week is wellness coach, Katie Bressack.

About the Guest

A lover of all things health and wellness, Katie Bressack is a women’s health expert living in Los Angeles. While working in the corporate world, Katie noticed that when she took time to eat healthy, exercise and take breaks during the day, she felt more focused and performed better at work. Watching others around her struggle to make it through the day inspired Katie to support busy women with nutrition and wellness counseling.

Katie works to help implement simple, healthy choices that make a big impact on women’s health. Katie specializes in healthy weight loss, hormone balancing and body love. With Katie's support, the woman she counsels lose weight, eat healthier, maintain a balanced mood, increase energy levels, and live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Katie Bressack Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top three Takeaways

  • You cannot deprive your way into success.
  • Balance is not something you find outside of yourself, it's an internal dialogue.
  • There is a way to eat and live that aligns with your cycle so you feel good more often than not.

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