Kelly Diels {on branding yourself}

In this episode, we are diving into a conversation about marketing your business and branding yourself responsibly and conscientiously. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in the corporate world, everything you put out into the world has an impact, especially in the age of social media. And so often, social media, online marketing, and business practices can be problematic. With this episode, we hope to increase awareness and accountability about these problematic issues. Feminist marketing consultant and writer, Kelly Diels, joins us to explain how the current mainstream iterations of female lifestyle empowerment branding are harming women and marginalized groups. She also explains how the typical online marketing formulas encourage women to downplay their actual expertise and accomplishments. Kelly sheds light on some of the problematic practices pervading online marketing, personal businesses, and the social media scene, and offers her advice about what you can start to do change things for the better.

About The Guest

Kelly Diels is a writer and marketing consultant and her approach is based upon the marketing strategies of movements and revolutionaries (if you’ve worked with her you’ll be able to testify). Her chief inspirations for how to get visible and get sh*t done are the Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr – the man was a master strategist – and the black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde. She is a published writer and social critic; she has a BA with honors in Poli Sci; she has five children; every Sunday she writes blazing epistles of righteousness; she is a rampant feminist. Her feminism and her work are about justice.

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Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Analyze your content, your photos, and any stock images you are using. Look at who you’re representing in your brands. Who are you centering on your platforms? Who might you be marginalizing?
  2. Look at how you are leveraging your authority. Make sure you are not leveraging your privileges as marketing devices. Show more than just the highlights of your life, and watch for markers of privilege and authority you may be unconsciously using, like selected scenes, props, and backdrops, professional photography, etc.
  3. Don’t merely increase token diversity in your marketing strategies–build full inclusivity within your actual business practices! When looking for or choosing people to feature, hire, have as guests, and/or collaborate with, choose people who don’t have the same experiences, backgrounds, race, gender, sexuality, (etc.) as you.

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