Kelly Lundberg {on knowing how to receive support}

Getting support is absolutely critical to the success of an ambitious woman. But it can also feel so hard to ask for help, especially in a culture where we are expected to do it all. In this episode, Thais + Bri dissect what it looks like to receive support in a way that feels really good. They are joined by stylist expert Kelly as she shares her insights on integrity, consistency and overcoming the beliefs around getting support.

About The Guest

Kelly Lundberg is a renowned entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, who has built her cutting-edge empire from the fabulous world of fashion styling.

Comfortable in the currency of catwalk and commerce alike, Edinburgh-born Kelly is a pioneering entrepreneur and style guru.  In 2005, she launched, a bespoke styling agency, which taps into the regional insight that women (and men) like to have help with choosing clothes, shoes and accessories.  Starting off with at-home wardrobe consultations and shopping sessions, Kelly’s business has grown into an international style forum offering styling as well as training aspiring fashionistas to follow their dreams of  becoming a stylist.

An engaging, inspirational and high-energy speaker, Kelly also entertains and instantly connects with her audience through her practical and interactive presentations (not to mention a large amount of chocolates J.) Kelly tells stories, sharing valuable experiences, which has led to speaking engagements with Arsenal Football Club, Credit Suisse, Harvey Nichols, Ralph Lauren and more recently her first TEDx talk.

Kelly has a best-selling book and a successful iTunes application under her Hermès belt, as well as a thriving business, which she now manages on a day-to-day basis along with her fashion-forward team.

Kelly Lundberg Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • Doing it all on your own is a societial story that we need to consciously shift if we want to rise as women.
  • Integrity and consistency are the two tools that can radically change the results you get in your life.
  • Changing your habits is all about shifting your perspective on pleasure and pain.

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