Melinda Cohen {on taking self-responsibility}

This week the conversation is all about what does it really look like to take self-responsibility. It's not what you think. And it's the most important conversation we've had so far. We also have an incredible guest with us today, Melinda Cohen, who shares her thoughts on presence, being an actress, and creating your amplified life. 

About The Guest

Melinda Cohen is an inspired story teller and your Guide to Embodied Grace - always looking for new ways to break the rules of life and reinvent her own. She coaches a handful of humans brave enough to replace Trying with Trusting, and is constantly exploring the art of existence through channeled writing, acting and the producing of conscious content. Melinda has written countless screenplays, spoken about her own transformation on stages and videos, and is gaining more and more insight into what it is exactly she is destined to create in this life. Find her on Facebook, or visit her at

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Top Three Takeaways

  • Shame and guilt are never just shame and guilt. They are blocks stopping you from actually experiencing your feelings.
  • Take the leap... and build your own net. Don't wait for someone to save you, save yourself.
  • Taking responsibility is not painful, it's actually part of the process of self-love.


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