Melissa Cassera {on infusing pleasure into your life}


This week we dive into how to infuse more pleasure into your life and business so you experience more joy and less burnout. It's so important to have intentional time to disconnect from our stressors and honor what feels good. We invite an incredible guest, Melissa Cassera, to share her thoughts around pleasure, taking action, and being messy.

About The Guest

Melissa Cassera is an LA-based screenwriter and award-winning marketing consultant. She was named one of the nation’s “Top Personal Branding Experts” by Huffington Post and her insights have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News as well as in Glamour, Redbook, Fast Company and Forbes. She is the creator of an online training program called OBSESSED that helps business owners, writers, and entertainers build raving, obsessed fan bases.


Top Three Takeaways

  • Life is not meant to be a struggle, it's supposed to feel GOOD.
  • When you can trust your needs, you start to feel more worthy of your successes.
  • Tuning out the noise out there is a great way to come back to what feels good for you.

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