Nicole Jackson {on showing up + being inspired}

This week, we address the issue of un-inspiration. What should you do when you no longer feel inspired or don't feel like showing up? What does it mean to show up fully? Why do we experience a lack of inspiration... or face days where we don't want to work on that next project, meet with that one client, or simply get out of bed at all?  Joining Bri + Thais with advice that extends both to the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, guest Nicole Jackson shares her tips on showing up fully and how to look for opportunities to increase self-care and step closer to your zone of genius - even in those uninspiring moments. 

About the Guest

Nicole Jackson runs a boutique project management agency that launches projects for superstar entrepreneurs who know their time is better spent on the big picture than the intimate details.

Nicknamed “The Project Designer” for her special brand of high-touch, extra supportive management style, Nicole is on a mission to show people exactly how happy + fulfilled they can be when they’re playing in their zone of genius (not trying to handle everything at once).

Top Three Takeaways

  • 1.  When you no longer feel inspired or don't feel like showing up, don't judge it, ignore it, or assume it means you're broken or that something is wrong with you - just allow it. Honor it.  
  • 2. When you honor your limitations, and give yourself space to just be, to practice self-care, and to ask "what do I need?" you can open a shift back to inspiration. 
  • 3. Showing up fully means being fully present to the moment. What it means to show up fully can vary from moment to moment. Ask yourself: “What does showing up fully look like, for me, in my life right now?”

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