Rakia Reynolds {on the art of joy}

This week we’re talking about joy! We discuss the importance of taking time to add a bit of play, fun, and levity into your life.  We dive into some of the ways you can integrate more feelings of joy and happiness in all the moments of your life, and not just the big, apex, and successful moments.  We’re joined by our guest Rakia Reynolds to discuss some of the ways you can open the gateways to joy in your life. These include: accepting your feelings, allowing ebbs and flows, practicing gratitude, expressing enthusiasm, cultivating consciousness, and increasing your presence. Rakia is the  CEO and founder of Skai Blue Media so we also pick her brain about how you can bring more joy and energy into what you're doing in your business and in your brand by following your heart and focusing your energy in the places that build you up most.  

About The Guest

Rakia Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Skai Blue Media, a multimedia public relations agency with an all-star roster of lifestyle, technology, non-profit and fashion clients. As a leader in the industry, she is highly sought after by companies to provide expertise in creative development, branding, marketing and business communications. Her path to entrepreneurship started with numerous creative ventures, including producing shows for MTV, TLC and Discovery Health Channel. She was a business major turned TV producer turned PR pro, and the twists and turns have made her into the media mogul and unstoppable trailblazer that she is today. She launched Skai Blue Media in 2008 with one employee, one client and the driving desire to form a PR agency that would break the mold and represent the future of public relations in the digital age. That firm has since grown tremendously to fourteen employees and more than thirty prominent clients. In addition to building her business and those of others, she actively participates in speaking engagements nationwide and has been able to share her knowledge of business and brand development on numerous stages, including those of TED, Tech808 DC, and Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network. She's worked as a guest editor for Marie Claire magazine, has been featured in publications including Essence, Lucky, and Uptown, and regularly contributes her expertise on entrepreneurship and leadership to outlets such as Elle, Forbes, Inc.com, Huffington Post, and Fortune. As an on-air brand expert for Serena Williams' line for HSN, Rakia works closely with Williams and her design team on messaging and social media integration for launches, special product roll-outs, and consumer engagement.

In addition to her full-time work in multimedia communications, she is a wife to her best friend and husband, Bram Reynolds, and mother of three amazing children.

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Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Don’t forget to allow yourself to experience joy … not only in those successful apex moments, but also in the moments in the middle or on the way to those successes. 
  2. To incorporate joy into your life more often, look for how you can incorporate more enthusiasm, gratitude, and presence into your life, even in mundane moments and your everyday routines.  
  3. Happiness is relative! It can take different forms, like content, relief, or gratitude – even for the things that are not so rosy.

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