Renee Airya {on individuality, identity, and womanhood}

This week, we're discussing how to navigate our sense of self and our individualism without attaching ourselves too strongly to external identities. What do the identities we choose to associate with mean to us?   How attached are we to them? What might they close us off to understanding... about ourselves or others?  In this episode, we discuss the inevitabilities of identity, as well as the dangers of placing too much stock in external factors, titles, labels, associations, and even genders. We're joined by Renee Airya, who shares the challenges that made her understand the pitfalls of attaching one's identity to external factors or situations.  Plus, we riff on the idea of womanhood, the expectations that associated with that identity, and explore some of its many possible iterations and interpretations.

About The Guest

Renee Airya is a brain tumor survivor, international award winning speaker, transformationalist & soul provocateur.

After having massive brain surgery in 2004 and suffering from full right sided facial paralysis, Renee was blessed to miraculously heal herself physically, mentally and emotionally. She now speaks around the world delivering her signature talk called Flip Your Flaws (and Find Your Freedom), though which she helps others live a life of greater meaning through embracing their unique gifts, quirks and flaws. Flip Your Flaws is featured in the documentary movie "Embrace", currently available on iTunes.

She is also the co-founder & CEO of RARE Media and RAREWomen, showcasing meaningful messages from creatives, artists & entrepreneurs. RARE helps you tell your best story and believes that media can be both beautiful and effective. 

You can connect with more of her magic at and

She also believes in unicorns.

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Spend some time investigating your identities and your level of attachment to them. Look at what you identify yourself as, what you're making it mean about you, and what it may be closing you off to.  
  2. Get involved with people who don't necessarily share the identity you identify with– expose yourself to new people, cultures, interactions, and experiences.
  3. When you’re meeting someone new, don’t ask them what they do. Ask different questions, like: what are you celebrating lately? What are you passionate about?

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