Rikke Hansen {on being unapologetically you}

The world needs all of you, not a smaller, approved version of you. So let's talk about being unapologetic. And what you can do be more of who you are. We are joined by Rikke Hansen as she shares her wisdom on being unapologetic, career transitions, and how to be more flexible in your life.


Rikke Hansen (Rikke.me) helps career changers and entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm, nail down their best options and as a result (re) design their ideal first or next business or career transition. Having personally advised over 600 private clients since establishing her transition consultancy back in 2005 (and thousands more via talks, workshops, videos and online programmes), she is recognised globally for offering the practical know-how, frank advice and proven strategies required for making your career or business transition happen

rikke hansen guest for be amplified podcast

Top Three Takeaways

  • Don't let your own opinions of who you are stop you from stepping into what you could be.
  • What parts of yourself are you apologizing for? That's an indication that you are hiding from something.
  • Never be afraid to go first, the world needs more people to go first than people telling us what to do.

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