Sabrina Dax {on authentic connections}

We live in a world of relationships. From relationships with our partner to our co-workers, to our neighbors to strangers, how we relate to one another matters. In this powerful conversation, we share our tips for how to create connections that last. Because community matters. And if you want to do something great in your life, you first have to look at the people in your life and whether they support you or not. Plus, we have an incredible conversation with renown publicist Sabrina Dax as she shares her insights on creating connections.

About The Guest

Sabrina Dax is an independent publicist based in Seattle who leads publicity campaigns for entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. She has a BA in English and European Studies from Brandeis University, a Masters in European Literature from Oxford University, and she spent a year at Harvard University as a Visiting Fellow. She has also worked at the Harvard Center for European Studies in Berlin, where she managed and promoted The Berlin Dialogues, a speaker series featuring academics and experts from around the world.

Sabrina Dax Networking Podcast Los Angeles

Top Three Takeaways

  • What if every person that you encountered was in your life for a reason? How would you act differently?
  • Creating an empowered community starts by showing up as empowered individuals
  • We have a responsibility for the effect of what happens when we harshly judge other people.

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