Sheila Viers {on being at peace with your body}

This week's episode is all about being at peace with your body - when you look at it, when you feel into it,  as you're being in it. We discuss what it means to be grounded in your body and what it feels like not to be... plus, we share ways to get more grounded in your body through movement, breath, belief, and mindfulness work.  We're joined by health and lifestyle coach, Sheila Viers, to dive deep into all that the body is capable of, and how to connect more deeply to its power to get to a place of peace with yours. 

About the Guest

Sheila Viers’ mission is to help women break free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage so that they can feel amazing in their skin. Renowned for her non-diet approach to weight loss, Sheila's own healthy living journey began over a decade ago when she decided it was time to end her struggle with body-image and food for good. After years of yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and issues ranging from food sensitivities to hormonal problems, she learned how to get out of "body jail," lost 35 pounds, and now teaches women how to create this freedom and ease in their own lives. Her vision extends far beyond weight loss and her unique ability to inspire women to step into their confidence and their dream life, is catching fire. She has been featured in many fitness, health, and business publications including Shape, Yahoo Health, Tiny Buddha, The Rise to the Top, Entrepreneur on Fire, Experience Life Magazine, Every Way Woman, Glo MSN, Livestrong, She Owns It, and Under30CEO and was previously the CEO and Co-founder of premium fitness and yoga bag company, Live Well 360.

Top Three Takeaways

  1. Emotional health: our physical health is tied to our emotional health because our emotions are stored in the body.
  2. Relationship with your body: look at and re-evaluate your beliefs around your body and whether or not they are true. What new beliefs will you replace them with?
  3. External validation: society's expectations of our body aren't necessarily focused on health or on you getting to your place of peace with your body. Be careful of listening to them. Focus on how YOU feel. 

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