Tawnya Falkner {on asking for what you're worth}

The tide is changing around us. It's time for us to look at how we are holding our worth around money, why we are afraid of asking for what we want, and what we can do to create change in the world. Tawnya joins this intense conversation with her incredible knowledge of getting funding and growing a product based business. This is a good one! 

About The Guest

Tawnya saw a gap in the French wine arena and set out to create a consumer-friendly brand that appeals on a price, palate and packaging standpoint.  In short she wanted to create a brand with a French elegance and cachet, combined with an American appeal and price.  

After studying the French wine regions, writing a business plan, and launching Le Grand Courtȃge, Tawnya has realized that creating and importing a new sparkling wine is a combination of art, science and extreme attention to detail.   She works tirelessly and has the qualities and characteristics necessary to succeed in business, and has retained or partnered with industry leaders versed in all aspects of the wine industry: production, fulfillment, compliance, sales and marketing.

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Top three takeaways

  • If you want more funding, greater support, more freedom in your life, you have to ask for it.
  • Intentional consumerism is key to changing the dialogue in this country.
  • Trusting yourself around money is about forgiving yourself for the past and choosing something new for the future.

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