Thaís Sky {on coming home to yourself}

This week, we've changed things up a bit! Instead of your two co-hosts interviewing someone else or riffing together on a topic, one of your co-hosts is interviewing the other! In this very special episode, Bri interviews Thais!  Discussing the reality of being human, experiencing limitations, and having doubts, Thais explains how powerful remembering who you are, on a spiritual level, can be. Thais offers her tips for dealing with your inner-critic and how to navigate life even when you have doubts, limiting beliefs, or shame. She also discusses the power of looking back at where you've been in the process of discovering who you truly are. Thais shares some things she has learned and what she is most proud of since this year began, as well as the things she is currently learning and navigating and how these new discoveries excite her about the newest stages of her understanding of self and the next stages of her journey. 

More About Thais

Meet Thais Sky: Two parts sass, one part straight up truth talk. Thais is a motivational speaker, author, women’s leadership coach and women's rights advocate on a heart-led mission to support the seekers, the visionaries, and the "why the heck do I feel so stuck” of the world reclaim their worthiness by learning how to explore, trust and express themselves unapologetically. Based on her own healing journey and decades of research and mentoring women worldwide, she has developed a comprehensive model of that explores and offers tools/skills to heal the pervasive sense of unworthiness within women, what she calls the worthiness wound. She received a prestigious first-class degree in Management and has studied spiritual psychology, yoga, and leadership for over 10 years. Washingtonian Magazine named her as one of the top “8 bloggers to know.” The Huffington Post calls her “an inspirational woman” and she was nominated for Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 award. You can learn more about her and her online offerings at and just about everywhere on social media, because#millennial at @IamThaisSky.

Thais Sky Be Amplified podcast

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. If there is something you want to go after: start now, start small, start somewhere.
  2. It's okay to have doubts, but don’t take the doubts to be who you are. When we can remember who we truly are, anything is possible. 
  3. Looking back on where you have been can be enlightening, and it can be especially helpful in figuring out how you came to be where you are now.

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