Meet the founders

We’re Bri Seeley and Thaís Sky and we’re the founders of The Amplify Collective. We created and cultivated this community because, well, because we needed it, too.

Not so many years ago, we were both new to Los Angeles, struggling to get our businesses off the ground, and desperate for the connection of an authentic, tight-knit community of women—not to trade business cards and false platitudes, but to communicate and collaborate and support one another on a deeper level. 

We wanted to create a sisterhood. So we did.


The Amplify Collective is a community of women who come together through intimate experiences that amplify their lives.


We support you in creating fulfilling, enriching, robust lives (regardless of the work that you do), through prompted dialogue, authentic relationships, and expanded knowledge. And we’ve begun to teach our women what we have learned along the way, too: how to build community, how to find cultivate empowered partnerships and relationships, how to up-level in every area of your life. Our goal is always to see past the superficial, and support you—however we can—in being the best version of yourself. So we have created opportunities to serve you, wherever you may be.

We’re moving beyond your business card. And we can’t wait to meet you!