a community of women who are taking a stand for a new kind of connection

The Amplified Woman

A six month incubator for 20 ambitious women ready to up the ante on cultivating a conscious life + business. We begin April 10th.


What if entrepreneurship could be an expansive, freedom-inducing experience?

But maybe you’ve found that {even when you’ve been in business for over a year} business is more stressful than ever. The hustle never seems to end. And in fact, it’s often revered as the holy grail of answers to all your problems. Not making enough money? Work harder. Not getting the clients you want? Work harder. Not having consistent results? Work harder.

Yet how much harder can we actually work?

Especially while allowing our health, our relationships, and our sanity to suffer.

When we asked hundreds of entrepreneurs what their latest business mistake was, most of them included things like:

  • working too much on things that didn’t really make a difference
  • resenting their business because of how hard they worked with little payout or results to show for it
  • rushing + pushing everything - sending them into complete overwhelm
  • not prioritizing the tasks that will make the most impact

It’s no wonder women entrepreneurs are burned out, exhausted, stressed and more depressed than ever.

Now, we are not proposing the concept of having it all while making it appear effortless. That is an unrealistic expectation on women that is perpetuating women’s brokenness in the world. Just scroll through your Instagram feed... you know exactly what we're talking about.

What we are proposing is that there is a way you can grow your business without sacrificing your life. And in fact, growing your business at the expense your well-being is literally keeping you from truly thriving.

If any of this feels true for you, the good news is that there is another way.

A way to un-business your business. A way that invites more ease and less waking-up-at-four-am-stressed-the-fuck-out with your endless to-do list while compare-itis rages in your ear. A way that embodies a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that enables longevity and sustainability.


We’re thrilled to invite you to
'The Amplified Woman' Incubator
with us, Bri Seeley + Thais Sky.


This SIX MONTH journey is for a small group of ambitious women who are committed to making massive impact in the world while expanding their capacity for freedom and joy in their lives.


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A Word of Praise


After my coaching with Bri and Thais, I felt so much more centered and ready to create self-love time and a ritual for myself that would get me closer to my dreams. They quickly assessed my issues and dug deep to find the root of my worries, then plan ways to overcome my challenges...all within the first hour! The two of these ladies together are powerful magic and I am to grateful to have had some time to share with them!

-Mi-Ri Harris {personal chef + Food alchemist}


The struggle is not real.


We believe in the alchemical journey of community. One where we support you in building your vision while embodying your innate wisdom and wholeness, and creating from a space of self-care and unique expression, together. This program honors your individual desires while offering an intimate sisterhood that will support you in creating a new foundation of embodiment in your life.


Apply to learn more + join 'The Amplified Woman':


Message From Bri Seeley, one of 'The Amplified Woman' leaders:


Being an entrepreneur can be SO HARD... It can be debilitating at times. And with the industry telling us how we're doing it wrong and we just need to follow the prescribed six step process, well, it's no wonder female entrepreneurs are so miserable. I got caught in the trappings of all the "you should try THIS" conversations. When the reality was, I didn't need to look to a system or process. I needed to find my own path. The Amplified Woman was created to support women in operating a business that feels good, generates the results you desire, and allows you to thrive in the process - all on your terms. Because what's the point of being an entrepreneur if you are feeling tortured every day? 


Here's exactly what you get as part of the incubator:



Each month there will be two group coaching calls where you will receive support, reflection and laser coaching from Bri + Thais. This is a powerful space to bust through blocks that may come up on your journey to your desires.


Each month we will dive into one of six areas of embodied living and you will receive workbooks, videos and audios to support you in releasing the past and stepping into the future.


The incubator will broken into smaller sister mastermind circles for weekly accountability, cheerleading and support that will allow you to consistently design the life + business you crave. These smaller groups will radically change your impact.


You will receive two 90-minute private coaching calls, one with Bri and one with Thais to detangle your business, beliefs and stuck points and create alignment with your vision.


Throughout the incubator experience, we will be selecting exclusive guest experts to share their expertise and brilliance to deepen your leadership and skillset.


We will be meeting virtually on the first day of the program for a half-day intensive where you will meet your other sisters, explore your deepest desires, and build your goals and focus for the next six months.


Once you join the incubator, you will be added to an online community where you will find a sacred space for support, sisterhood + lightheartedness from Bri, Thais and the other incubator women, whenever and wherever you need.


By being a part of this incubator experience, you will receive a discount to the Amplified mid-year retreat, access and discounts to other offerings and opportunities by Thais and Bri, gifts and other suprises as they come up.

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Your facilitators


Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is an author, speaker and transformational coach. She has led 1000's of women through mindset training in the last nine months. Bri began training employees (3x her age!) at the age of six. She has created and operated three of her own businesses, and run her family's business as well (the businesses a mix of product based, retail, online, and events). She has been seen on The TODAY Show, Free Enterprise, Forbes, Medium, and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post.


Thais Sky

Thais is a leadership coach, writer and speaker. She has been studying, teaching and facilitating conversations in the realm of psychology, leadership and spirituality for over 10 years. She has a deep understanding of trauma, emotional healing, and breaking patterns and has coached hundreds of women since the inception of her business in 2010. She has been featured on Forbes, Medium and MindBodyGreen, with the Huffington Post calling her an, “inspirational woman.”

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Bri Seeley + Thais Sky

In their roles as founders of The Amplify Collective, they have garnered multiple paid sponsorships, negotiated contracts, built priceless relationships, coordinated 50 events, managed a team, built a membership, launched + maintained a podcast, and more than doubled their revenue for two consecutive years.

During this 6-month experience you will have the opportunity to lean on Bri + Thaís for both guidance and support stemming from their combined 20 years of expertise as entrepreneurs.



A special aspect of this incubator is our commitment to support you in 1) clearing away what is keeping you from building a hustle-free life + business and 2) putting systems in place to create what you want moving forward. That is why every month will be broken into two parts, the first two weeks focused on healing the past {Thais' speciality} , and the second two weeks creating the future {Bri's specialty}.

In 'The Amplified Woman' incubator program, you’ll begin to nurture the following qualities within yourself:


Self-care is the first step to being an amplified woman. This is often an overlooked area of a holistic life experience and unfortunately, our perception of self-care is often skewed to bubble baths and wine. Let’s deconstruct your beliefs around taking care of yourself and start creating new habits that will support your growing business and owning your responsibilities with a quality of nourished attention.


Purpose is often thrown around in the self-development industry but what does it actually mean? Do we all have a purpose? And how can we add more purpose into what we do? In this month, we investigate our stories around how we think our purpose has to manifest in our lives and what does it really mean to balance our doing and our being in the space of living our purpose.


We often have a hard time entering meditation and spiritual practices because of our need to rigidly control our lives. There’s got to be another way. In this module we explore manifestation, trust and what can it look like to loosen our grip on the outcome. If we are to truly integrate ease, we have to learn the flow of life. This is how it starts.


This module is more than just talking about money mindset - it's about deconstructing our perceived role of money so that it works for us instead of against us. We take a holistic dive into money, covering the topics of debt, budgeting, taxes, investments, mindset and uncovering the underlying beliefs for why money is hard to come by.


This can be one of the most triggering areas of our lives. Why are people so impossible! In this module, we will offer practical tools to have radically empowering conversations, shift our perspective on various relationships and learn how to cultivate supporting people in our lives.


The ability to be present, to have fun, to feel good {all without feeling like you are cheating on your business}, is so important if we are to find strength to navigate the challenges that inevitably arises in our business. How can you find unbridled joy? How can we fucking lighten up a bit? This module is packed with opportunities for you to become a kid again and bring out your inner playfulness. 


During the final two weeks of the incubator we will focus on the what's next. Together, we will create systems into place to support you in continuing this dialogue long after the program is over.


Message From Thais Sky, one of 'The Amplified Woman' leaders:


After being an entrepreneur for several years, I craved to be in a community of sisters who not only supported me in the business, but gave me a safe space to be held outside of entrepreneurialism. I wanted an "all in" experience where I got to build my dream life, being fiercely supported along the way. That is why I am so madly in love with this program. Bri and I put together everything we wished we had into a unique six month experience that will ground you fully into your life as you expand in unimaginable ways.


This Is The Time For Women's Leadership

We are all being called to rise into the next level of feminine leadership. One where we respect our body, our relationships, our spirituality in the process.

What we have found is that when you approach business from a holistic perspective, we cultivate the ability to ride the roller coaster of entrepreneurship without each bump debilitating us and taking us onto the journey of “not enoughness.”

By becoming more resilient, we enhance our capacity to not taking the results of our business so personally. Only then can use mistakes and challenges as feedback for taking us to the next level.

This is how we begin to operate in our lives in a more expansive state. And that can change everything.

The Amplified Retreat

As a part of the incubator experience...

You are invited to join Bri, Thais + 8 of your incubator sisters in a powerful four day, three night retreat to deepen your six month journey. Together we will mastermind, play, rest, and plan the next six months of your 2017.

This retreat will include workshops, hot seat opportunities, and relaxation so you leave feeling focused and nourished. Plus, soul gifts because we love that stuff!

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The work that you are doing in the world is deeply sacred. It's not just about building funnels or crafting a perfect message - it's about integrating your heart into a life that you love.

You deserve to feel good in the process of building this dream that you so cherish. 

This is for the woman who:

:: Has been in business for over a year and has an understanding of the foundations of her business and is ready for the next level of impact

:: Cares deeply about cultivating a holistic, sustainable life experience

:: Gets excited at the idea of having more fun, joy and adventure in her life

:: Is tired of the emotional rollercoaster that is the entrepreneurial life and is looking for more consistency without more things on the to-do list

:: Craves the support of women on a level that will support her business, her body and her well-being



This experience is limited to 20 women. If you're curious about joining, start by filling out our quick application. We will then schedule a short + sweet call with you to answer any of your questions so you can explore and decide if this program will fit with your desires for your life and business.

We will be accepting applications until April 7th. Program starts April 10th.



Do I have to be in Los Angeles to participate in this program?
No! This is a virtual program and you can be anywhere in the world to join.

What is your refund policy?
If you are not satisfied with the program, for whatever reason, we will happily prorate your tuition based on how many months have passed and a $100 processing fee.

Can I just join for one month?
This is not a try-it-out program. This is for committed individuals who are ready to spend six months amplifying their life and business. In keeping with the integrity of the energy of the group, we invite you to only consider this program if you know you can be with us for six months.

Will I be required to attend the retreat?
The retreat is an optional part of this six month incubator. Incubator members receive a discounted price for the retreat. Fill out an application and we will share more deeply how the retreat and incubator experience work.

What happens if I cannot make the live calls?
All of our calls will be recorded so you have access to them at any time.

How many people will be in the program?
For the sake of intimacy and so we can be present with each women in the program, we are limiting this experience to 20 women.

What is the time commitment?
This depends on the week, the topic and your level of proficiency and commitment. You will find that this program will not add to your responsibilities but subtract as you get clearer on what works, what doesn't and what you can release.