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The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE - Have fun, Transform, Network and be inspired!

Join Thais + Bri speak at this amazing conference.

3 DAY LIVE EVENT - 19-21st August 2016

An exclusive fun, transformational and inspiring event for Female entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, healers and thought-leaders who are on a mission to change the world!

Join us for 3 days of fun, inspiration, shifting money blocks, mindset mastery, networking, powerful speakers, planning out the rest of your year and dreaming big-VERY BIG!

When was the last time you took time out from working in your business, and focused on working on yourself and your business? Amazing things happen when you break your daily routine,  and meet new people.

We’ll transform your money story, your limiting beliefs, your fears, your sabotaging behaviors, and really allow you to step up and play a BIGGER game. Sometime it takes getting out of our daily routines, to get the shifts and see things in a different way.  

I believe success is 80% mindset, 20% everything else!

So, let’s create the shifts you need to get the results you want!!  You’ll go through a transformational process over the 3 days that will create a profound shift in your life and business. You will be empowered to get out of your own way and significantly increase your results, attract more clients and increase your income.

Whether you’re looking to make your first million, breaking through a 6 figure glass ceiling or just starting out building your business, the money blocks process will work for you. It’s amazingly effective at all levels of business.

This life-changing event will help you get more clients, build a network of other high-vibe women on a similar mission, create collaborations to grow your business, become part of a supportive community AND make a LOT more money, while working less and having more fun!

Plus you will walk away with an action plan for the rest of the year that excites you and you feel totally aligned to!

I believe as women we have the power to transform the world in a huge way but we can’t change it alone- coming together is the only way!

Your impact is bigger than you know! The ripple effect is huge, you have no idea who you’re affected by even just showing up in your full power. By doing what we love and showing up as our authentic selves (whatever that looks like), we give others permission to do the same, and the world becomes a better place.

Topics covered across the 3 days

Dream Bigger - Prepare for some Ah-has!

  • Expand your vision of what's possible for you and your business

  • Gain clarity of intention

  • Find out how to allow abundance into your life

  • Discover your “BIG why” behind it all and understand it’s importance

  • Set your new business goals and let go of resistance to actually meet them!

  • The simple shift that frees up your time and creates consistent income

  • Discover the secret for instantly manifesting what you want


Clear blocks and Up level

  • Why what you want hasn’t happened yet

  • How you might be actually repelling what you say you want

  • Discover how your mindset actually creates your reality

  • Understand wealth consciousness

  • Discover and transform your money story

  • Find out your core beliefs about money and success, that might be holding you back

  • Change your beliefs to be powerful and serve you at the highest level

  • Release fear from your life

  • Eliminate competition and comparison from your life

  • Stop caring what people think of you and become more visible

Get in Flow and take inspired action

  • Stop procrastinating and sabotaging your success!

  • Stop feeling like a fraud and start taking action

  • Learn success strategies from our experts

  • Get crystal clear on your direction and what to do next

  • Learn how to step outside your comfort zone and get the confidence to do it

  • Step up and start playing a bigger game


Earlier Event: August 16
Later Event: August 24
{Coterie Only}