The coterie


You want something more out of life. So, you seek new opportunities . . . Pursue greater challenges . . . Explore and grow and learn constantly. 

But you’re sick of doing it alone.

You want to feel connected, supported, challenged, and encouraged—both online and off—but you have no idea where to start. And understandably so. The path you’re on can be competitive. Uncertain. Isolating.

We get it. We get you.

Because we’ve been there. And we know that it’s all too easy to give up—on your dreams, on yourself, on the deeply-connected relationships you seek—when it seems like that sort of community doesn’t exist. But you don’t have to. Because you—you are our people. You are the very definition of an Amplify woman.

And The Coterie was built specifically to support you:

The woman who is invested in her growth in every area of her life. The woman who values deep authenticity over superficial connection. The woman who craves sisterhood, but hasn’t yet been able to find it or sustain it.


We created a community through The Amplify Collective, but quickly heard that our women were asking for more—exclusive, intimate events; regular, deep coaching; relevant masterclasses and podcast episodes; the support of women who deeply value sisterhood, connection, and growth; and so much more!


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