Your facilitators


Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is an author, speaker and transformational coach. She has led 1000's of women through mindset training in the last nine months. Bri began training employees (3x her age!) at the age of six. She has created and operated three of her own businesses, and run her family's business as well (the businesses a mix of product based, retail, online, and events). She has been seen on The TODAY Show, Free Enterprise, Forbes, Medium, and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post.


Thais Sky

Thais is a leadership coach, writer and speaker. She has been studying, teaching and facilitating conversations in the realm of psychology, leadership and spirituality for over 10 years. She has a deep understanding of trauma, emotional healing, and breaking patterns and has coached hundreds of women since the inception of her business in 2010. She has been featured on Forbes, Medium and MindBodyGreen, with the Huffington Post calling her an, “inspirational woman.”

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Bri Seeley + Thais Sky

In their roles as founders of The Amplify Collective, they have garnered multiple paid sponsorships, negotiated contracts, built priceless relationships, coordinated 50 events, managed a team, built a membership, launched + maintained a podcast, and more than doubled their revenue for two consecutive years.

During this 6-month experience you will have the opportunity to lean on Bri + Thaís for both guidance and support stemming from their combined 20 years of expertise as entrepreneurs.