March's AMPLIFY Ambassador

Congrats Libby for being selected for our March 2016 community feature! 


Libby has joined every single one of our dinner parties since moving to Santa Monica and she is just such a sweet gem in the AMPLIFY community. She is always supporting the cause and it's women like these who make AMPLIFY a real movement.We love you, Libby, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing up in such a beautiful way.


You can learn more about Libby, including all the body love work she does and how she impacts the world through her biz HERE. Look out for her upcoming video series on why we fall into negative body image beliefs and end up comparing ourselves to other women, The Food and Fitness Frenzy Cycle and learn if you're inside of it and pretending not to be, and what Body Love is and if it really works!