Our 5 Tips to UN-Network like a boss

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We all know how boring and tedious networking events can get. We’ve all been there- listening to pitch after boring pitch and adding hundreds of business cards to the dust-collecting pile on your desk. What if we told you that there’s another way to network? A way that’s more fun, more interactive and more genuine? If that interests you, keep reading to learn more about UN-networking!

1) UN-Networking is not the status quo

You may be reading this and going “Huh? What is UN-networking?” That’s because we are so used to networking being a tedious and uncomfortable task that consists of shoving business cards at other people and listening to one elevator pitch after another. Luckily, we are revolutionizing the way that women network by UN-networking and creating REAL relationships. Unfortunately, we have learned a specific way of networking that many are hesitant to abandon. This is why AMPLIFY is so important, because we are fundamentally changing the way that women cultivate business relationships. You can learn more about how the un-networking methodology works and is revolutionizing the networking industry by signing up to receive our free ebook on un-networking like a boss below!

2) Stop asking “What Do You Do?”

Ever been at a networking event and experienced this conversation?

“So what do you do?”

“I do {insert job title here}!”

“Oh cool…” {insert awkward silence}

By asking, “What Do You Do,” you limit the conversation to just your job. And even though we get how passionate you are about what you do, there's actually a better way of getting to know other people that not only allows you to share what you do, but also develops connections that go way beyond job title. Sign up below to learn more!

3) Create A Shock Inducing Introduction

When we spoke and attended the Millennial Entrepreneur Network conference in May 2016, we were taken by surprise when a young man said that he was passionate about squirrels - flying squirrels to be exact. Obviously, this piqued our interest and led us to ask him more about his career. We believe your introduction is KEY to grabbing people's attention and encouraging others to get to know you better without the eye-glazed look. Sign up below for our free ebook where we will teach you exactly how to make an introduction that stands out.

4) Approach conversations from your "why" instead of your "what"

Our favorite TED talk: Start with Why by Simon Sinek really speaks powerfully on this topic. The concept is easy - start with why and everything else will fall into place. Nothing is as important as a person's WHY. It gets to the heart, connects us to our purpose and ignites our passion. It’s what is truly important in life. Bringing out people's WHY in our movement is what allows UN-networking to be as popular as it is. Learn more about how to use WHY in context to networking to create a real connection by signing up for our ebook below!

5) Challenge Yourself!

Create goals when you go to networking events. It could be as easy as saying, “I’m going to meet 5 new people today, and I’m going to follow up with EVERY person I meet.” If you’re getting too comfortable, you’re not challenging yourself. Put yourself out there, take risks; that’s the only way that you will grow your business and learn how to UN-network successfully.

BONUS: With all of your new contacts, schedule follow up meetings and exchange phone numbers, so you can make a meeting IN PERSON.