April's Ambassador

Congratulations to Jen Kramer for being our April AMPLIFY Ambassador! 

At The Amplify Collective, we feature our Coterie members as ambassadors who are women what we think embody and represent the spirit and values of the organization. 

Jen Kramer is a native New Yorker who moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago and never looked back. She currently runs her own licensing and promotions consulting business, Jenerosity Marketing, and is supremely happy with the life she has created for herself on the “Best Coast.” 

What does it look like for you to live an amplified life?

For me, living an amplified life is being the best friend I can be to those I hold dearest, engaging in fun, educational and enlightening activities, helping those who need support, and staying calm, poised, and graceful through it all.

Why did you decide to join The Amplify Collective?

I joined the Collective at the suggestion of my therapist because I was seeking amazing new women friends. I have lots of incredible women in my life but most of them have gotten married, started families or moved far away, so I was always looking for people with whom to do fun activities around town. When I attended my first dinner I realized almost immediately that the women in the Collective were EXACTLY the types of women I wanted in my life! 

How has this community impacted your everyday life? 

The friends I have made already are always there for me. We text and communicate via FB, email, or phone extremely regularly. It has provided such an amazing support network and sooo much love. I am sometimes overwhelmed with how much this group has enriched my life in such a short time.

Are there any practices or mantras that you use daily to amplify your life and empower yourself?

Prior to joining The Amplify Collective, I didn’t fully embrace the idea that everything happens for a reason even though I tried to do so. I started to repeat this mantra to myself whenever I found myself forgetting. “I operate from a supreme level of faith and trust that what is happening is in my best interest and will work out in my highest interest. I have patience knowing that what I desire already exists and the universe always delivers it in the perfect timing.” This faith has now become second nature as I embark on new adventures with a positive attitude and excitement.

How do you celebrate you? 

I love taking time to pamper myself. Since I joined Amplify I have found myself being much easier on myself with respect to my business. I no longer RUSH to my desk in the morning. I get there when I get there and, while focused, I pretty much maintain a steady workflow without feeling stressed. I make sure that I always take time for lunch and enjoy watching some of my favorite TV shows while doing so, since I work from home. I make sure to tout my victories whenever they occur and celebrate my success by taking myself out to yummy meals, to the movies or the theater, or to an indulgent day at the spa!

What is something that you cannot leave the house without? 

My keys. LOL  ;)