August's Amplify Ambassador

Congratulations to Gwen Paja for being our AMPLIFY Ambassador for August! 

At The Amplify Collective, we feature our Coterie Member's as ambassadors, who are women that we think embody and represent the spirit and values of the organization.

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August's Ambassador is none other than The LA Girl, Gwen Paja. Gwen is a bright and shining light in the City of Angels. She is incredibly passionate about our beautiful city - so much so that she started an entire blog dedicated to what LA has to offer! We're excited to share some of her enthusiasm here (and be sure to check out our podcast later this month for an interview with Gwen!).

What does it look like for you to live an amplified life?

For me, an amplified life looks like a life lived with purpose, gratitude and passion. I am filled with gratitude for everything I've learned and experienced and my purpose is to share that knowledge with others. I am passionate about creativity, hard work, and helping other women create a life that allows them to be empowered and fearless. 

Why did you decide to join The Amplify Collective?

I joined the Amplify Collective because I was in search of a community of women with whom I can feel encouraged, supported and inspired. When I attended my first event, I immediately felt a connection with a lot of the members of the group and I signed up for The Coterie. After two months of being a part of the movement, I've already discovered so many opportunities and can't wait for what's ahead! 

How has the idea of “un-networking” impacted your everyday life?

The idea of "un-networking" has impacted my everyday life in a revolutionary way. I find myself being aware of when people introduce themselves to me as what they do and not who they are. I feel that I am more likely to want to work and collaborate with those who are genuine and lead with their true self first. 

Are there any practices or mantras that you use daily to amplify your life and empower yourself?

Yes! I practice a daily morning routine. Every morning, I start my day with walking my dog, Pucci, and affirmations. I then practice visualization, manifestation, meditation and journaling. I've found that this formula kicks my day off in the most powerful way and I am most productive when I start the day like this. I also have a daily fitness routine that includes either yoga, studio class, or an at-home workout. I find that I am at my best when I do both of these on a daily basis. Is it hard? Yes! Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. 

What are you really excited to create for the rest of the year?

This year, I am excited to grow my blog and business, The LA Girl in a huge way! I am growing my community of millennial women in Los Angeles, The LA Girl Society and offering them exclusive giveaways, deals and events. I will also be introducing a VIP membership option and a product line later this year! 

I am also launching a new business, Elegant Blogger, to help other bloggers create a beautiful and successful blog. I am sharing my knowledge and expertise from my own blog, The LA Girl, and my 12+ years digital marketing career in the entertainment industry. My flagship course, Elegant Blogger Academy will be available in a few short weeks. In the meantime, I'm offering a free course, 7-Day Blogger Bootcamp, to help bloggers jumpstart their blogs and get ready to monetize!  

I am also excited to create amazing memories from my wedding and honeymoon coming up this September, where my husband-to-be and I will be getting married in Switzerland and traveling to Scotland and Iceland! 

If you're as in love with Gwen as we are, you can follow her on social media! 

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