Re-Imagining Entrepreneurship

Did you know that female entrepreneurs work 63% more than the average employee? AND 85% of us are self-limiting to keep our businesses under a million dollars in revenue. WhWHATTT?!

And yet, despite this startling statistic... the #1 advice we continue to hear about to build a successful empire is to hustle even more.  More and more these days, it seems the norm is to hustle at the expense of every other area of our lives, like our health and relationships.

Here at The Amplify Collective, we believe there is a better way for female entrepreneurs to build their empires AND live a nourishing life {and make a fuck-ton of money while you're at it}.

That is why we designed The Amplified Woman – a six month incubator program for women entrepreneurs who want to add their life back into their life. 

The Amplified Woman is for women who are tired of feeling burned out and constantly anxious in their business. It’s for women who want a new level of accountability and support to bring well-being back to the entrepreneurial equation. 

It’s for women who have gotten to the point that they should feel more ease and excitement about work + life— and yet – are still feeling stressed and pressured to keep up the hustle. 

We’re going to support you in bringing back the things you’ve been missing – you know, things like moving your body again, cultivating meaningful relationships, getting enough sleep, and setting healthy boundaries in every area of your life.

What we have found again and again is that our business thrives to the extent that we take good care of ourselves. We know the entrepreneurial journey is hard, and while we can't take that away, what we CAN do is create sisterhood, community, support, conversations and tools to support you in cultivating a stronger sense of self IN your business.

Because imagine what it could look like if you didn't ride the roller coaster of life + emotions quite as hard? Wouldn't you probably show up in your business in a totally different way?

That's what this incubator is all about. During the six months you receive:

  • Two group coaching calls a month: This is your opportunity to receive laser-focused support from Thais + Bri.
  • Monthly modules: Every month you will dive into one of the six critical elements of living an amplified life.
  • Sister mastermind: The incubator will be broken into smaller sister mastermind circles for weekly accountability, cheerleading, and support that will allow you to consistently design the life + business you crave. 
  • Private Coaching: You will receive two 90-minute private coaching calls, one with Bri and one with Thais to detangle your business, beliefs, and stuck points and create alignment with your vision.
  • Virtual Retreat: We will be meeting virtually on the first day of the program for a half-day intensive where you will meet your other sisters, explore your deepest desires, and build your goals and focus for the next six months. 
  • Guest Experts:  Throughout the incubator experience, we will be selecting exclusive guest experts to share their expertise and brilliance to deepen your leadership and skillset.
  • Private Online Community:  Once you join the incubator, you will be added to an online community where you will find a sacred space for support, sisterhood, and  lightheartedness from Bri + Thais, and the other incubator women, whenever and wherever you need.

We are re-imagining entrepreneurship. Our vision is one where women are set up to thrive without losing themselves in the process. One based on a foundation of self-trust and self-love.                                  

It is through the principles that we teach in The Amplified Woman that has allowed us to be featured on Inc, Mag alongside names such as Danielle LaPorte, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner and more... 

This isn't about having it all. It's about having it your way. And we have a feeling that stress isn't supposed to be such a large part of that equation.

The doors to The Amplified Woman are officially open – and YOU are invited!

We hope you consider our invitation! We would love to see you in this amazing adventure.