Our Favorite Business Resources

As any entrepreneur or business owner knows, having the right business resources can help you to achieve the best results. Here’s a couple of our favorite business resources.....



Asana is a task manager that allows you to organize and delegate tasks to everyone on your team. From simple to-do lists to labeled, color-coded and dated separate lists, Asana is perfect for any business to be able to organize efficiently. With the option of email reminders, Asana will not let you forget what you have to get done.


Having a professional, clean website is critical to your business’s success. Squarespace blends elegant design with sophisticated engineering to empower millions of people to share their stories and businesses with the world. They believe that good design should not be a luxury, instead it is meant to be an experience in excellence in design and their team works relentlessly to give you and your customers the best experience they can have.  


VSCO Cam is a photo editing and sharing platform that is revolutionizing how people create, discover and connect. Founded in 2011, VSCO is based in Oakland, CA. At VSCO, it is their belief that creativity is the radical expression of each person’s voice in the world, noting that each person’s message and method is different. A community for expression, VSCO offers editing tools that will amplify your social media and allow you to publish professional looking photos. Our favorite filter is either the T series or the C series. Be sure to tell us yours in the comments below!


Ever had a such a long URL that it took up most of your social media post? Bit.ly is the perfect solution. It is a website that allows you to shorten, share, manage and analyze your links. Not only can you shorten links, you can also customize and share your links across all social media, SMS, email or any other places where you need to link! Bit.ly also tracks your statistics for all of your links, so you can see where your site traffic is from. {our favorite bit.ly has to be: bit.ly/beamplified - what's yours?}


LinkedIn is a social networking site for business. An amazing way to grow and manage your networking community, LinkedIn is quickly growing, boasting 433 million users as of April 2016. Be sure to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and game changers on this platform to build relationships and do business!