May's Ambassador

Congratulations to Sarah Daniels for being our May AMPLIFY Ambassador! 

At The Amplify Collective, we feature our Coterie members as ambassadors who are women what we think embody and represent the spirit and values of the organization. 

May Ambassador Sarah Daniels.png

Sarah Daniels is a Senior Program Manager, Education Programs, for VMware Inc.  Previously, she owned a creative agency, where her team of writers and designers served a wide variety of lifestyle and luxury clients in marketing, branding, and content creation.  Sarah has a master of professional writing from the University of Southern California and a certificate of professional publishing from Stanford University.  She has served as an adjunct professor of academic writing at Woodbury University and has designed training and eLearning curriculum for media companies.  Sarah lives in North Hills with her fiancé, Artin, and their two Australian Shepherds, Mick and Missy.  

Why did you decide to join The Amplify Collective?

I joined Amplify in order to connect with a community of intentional professional women, who I could share my experiences, triumphs, and learning experiences with.  I finally found a group who understands my journey and helps me celebrate my wins with a spirit of camaraderie.   

Do you have a favorite memory that came about because of the AMPLIFY community?

My favorite Amplify memory is from Tea and Truths in May, where we discussed The Handmaid's Tale.  We explored deep questions and meaningful themes, as we pondered how to include men in a bigger conversation about the future of feminism.  It was amazing to get so real with such a powerful group of women, all committed to exploring the big picture.  

Are there any practices or mantras that you use daily to amplify your life and empower yourself?

I live by the motto "present moment, wonderful moment," as a reminder to live a mindful life, rooted in the here and now.  It makes all the difference in my mood, attitude, and outlook.  

How do you handle failure + setbacks?

Over the years, I've had numerous setbacks– both in business and in my personal life– and I've learned that there is always something bigger and better beyond the bend.  The hard part is waiting to see what's next. Anyone who has had big successes in life has also experienced major failures.  It's simply part of the learning experience.  It's essential for growth.

How do you celebrate you?

I have a "you're welcome" policy when it comes to sharing myself with others.  Instead of "compare and despair," I embrace the philosophy that we're all lucky to get to experience one another.  When we can be present, listen attentively, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, magical things can happen.