Meet Our Co-Founders!

thais guimaraes and bri seeley networking los angeles

Meet our fun-loving inspiring Co-Founders of The AMPLIFY Collective, Thais Guimaraes and Bri Seeley! Both visionary women full of passion and life, Bri and Thais also have other careers- AMPLIFY was started by accident! Bri founded the Inspirational Woman Project, which aims to tell the stories of every woman, and is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post. Thais is a registered yoga teacher and also has her health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Thais and Bri run thriving life coaching businesses, filled with motivational advice, events, leadership programs and one-on-one coaching. Thais and Bri inspire hundreds of women to be the best and most empowered women that they can be. AMPLIFY continues their visions by starting a revolution to empower women and changing the way that we network! Keep reading for our exclusive interview with our co-founders!  

1. When a man is assertive, he’s looked at as a leader. But when women assert themselves, the word “bossy” comes to mind. As a female entrepreneur, what do you do to constantly challenge society’s stigmas of women in the workplace?

We think female entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to disrupt the stereotype of bossy because in this blooming field there is a lot of freedom to create what you want. We love this quote by Betty Friedan, "you cannot be given equality, you have to assume it.” We don’t focus on how we are not being seen equal to men. Instead, we focus on being ourselves and doing it our way. Screw what other people think!

2. A lot of people dream of starting their own business, but few actually follow through. Was there a defining moment in your life that pushed you to take the leap? What advice would you give to other women who want to do the same, but struggle with the realities of funding, time, resources and risks that come with it?

Our business started on accident. We never intended to be in business in this industry, much less in a partnership outside of each of our own respective businesses. What forced us to answer the call + say YES to The Amplify Collective was seeing the need for it in our city. We watched women become more disconnected, with fewer confidantes, and unable to form the real relationships that all of us innately crave. We are both the kind of women that cannot sit and watch that kind of issue happen without doing something about it. It was almost as if we couldn't NOT say yes.

The biggest advantage that we've had with starting this business is that we had NO idea what we were getting into. We literally focus on just one or two steps ahead of where we currently are. Because the reality is that if we 100% knew what we were getting into in August, both of us probably would have fallen into the lack mindset of no time, no money, no resources, etc. But with only focusing on the next steps, we're able to manage what we have created without {too much!} overwhelm.

3.  What’s the best piece of advice to give the next generation of women entrepreneurs behind you?

Develop a support system around you. Women are meant to be in community. AND You cannot do it alone. Enroll with a coach or a mastermind. Find a group of entrepreneurs to connect with. Get a business partner. Something. Because 'Entrepreneur Island: Population 1' is a terrible place to be. And it's really easy to go there.

4. What do you think about the issue of women and leadership in your industry?

We feel like we're at this brilliant point in history where women are getting to step into feminine leadership - possibly for the first time. Think about it - up until now women have had to lead like men to be taken seriously. But that's not necessarily the case anymore. The downside to this is that there isn't a model for it yet. Women are having to figure it out for themselves because, for the most part, the generation of women entrepreneurs before us have had to lead like men.

We both actively go out of our way to have this conversation regularly. AND to make sure that we're doing it differently. We want to inspire women to use their innate gifts of intuition and femininity to lead. Because they are what is going to change our world for the better.

5. How did you become confident in your career despite facing the inherent obstacles?

Confidence comes from mistakes. We stopped focusing on the obstacles and focused on what we wanted to create and our vision for the future and if we made a mistake, we learned from it and kept going. You can view as the world is against you or the world is for you. The belief you choose will determine your confidence.

6. Arianna Huffington said “fearlessness is not the absence of fear, it’s the mastery of fear” What role has fearlessness played in your journey as a company founder?

We don’t believe that anyone can be fearless because fear is a biological response. What you can do is to not let fear take the steering wheel and the best way to do is to get extremely comfortable becoming aware of fear, allow it to vocalize its concerns, and then choosing to move forward anyway.

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