September's Amplify Ambassador

Congratulations to Mira Joleigh for being our AMPLIFY September Ambassador!

At The Amplify Collective, we feature our Coterie Member's as ambassadors, who are women that we think embody and represent the spirit and values of the organization.

Mira Joleigh, CPC helps millennial women find their passion, rock their confidence and get paid to do what they love. Find her wisdom in the new book "A Woman's Guide To Sisterhood." Mira serves her clients through the dynamic #Ambitionista online community and through her signature mentorship program #YearOfMassiveAction. Mira is passionate about feminism, social justice and LGBTQ equality. She's is inspired by celebrities Rupaul, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga for fearlessly chasing their dreams, owning their truth and giving back to their communities.

What does it look like for you to live an amplified life?

Living an amplified life means doing exactly what your heart is calling you to do. My life is amplified when I surround yourself with people who support my ambitions and inspire me to continue to uplevel my growth. I see the Amplify movement as a call to shine brightly and be a positive presence in the world.


How has the idea of “un-networking” impacted your everyday life?

All this time, I've been "un-networking" without realizing it! I have always struggled as an introvert to embrace small talk... it's just not fun for me. So over the years I've started coming up with creative questions to get people talking on a deeper level. When I discovered that Amplify encourages this kind of relating, I knew I had found my people. Being a part of the collective has kept me mindful of getting to know WHO someone is before finding out WHAT they do for a living.


Are there any practices or mantras that you use daily to amplify your life and empower yourself?

I'm a big believer in daily affirmations. Getting myself to practice them, however, is the challenge. One of my first coaches encouraged me to wear a little device that vibrates once an hour. When it went off, I would stop what I was doing and just notice the present moment... and then say something uplifting to myself. Since then I've upgraded to a bracelet that vibrates once an hour ( Can you imagine how your life would change if you said something positive 12 times a day or more? It has been life changing and I now recommend it to my own coaching clients.

What inspires you?

I attend a lot of live performances; comedy, spoken word, burlesque, drag shows, etc. Over time I've come to realize that what inspires me so much about these performances is the ephemeral nature of them. It's the fact that this particular moment will only happen once and I'm having a shared experience with a room of strangers. I'm also sooo inspired to witness the passion of each performer. They're TOTALLY in their element. They're fully self-expressed, they're doing what they love. I get high off that energy. It makes me feel alive and makes me want to express MYSELF more too.


What are you really excited to create for the rest of the year?

This next year is all about supporting women to BOSS UP their lives. I notice my life coaching practice slowly transitioning more to BUSINESS coaching. There are so many women out there fed up with the corporate life and ready to start owning their time, making an impact and making bank!


In January, She's re-launching my signature program called #YearOfMassiveAction. It's designed to help you go from dreaming about your future to WERKING your goals in a big way with the support of an intimate sisterhood of women taking journey right along with you. (it's super affordable). If you'd like to connect, you can find Mira on all platforms as @MiraJoleigh (She's especially fond of Twitter) or email