Our Top 3 Los Angeles CoWorking Spaces

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At the AMPLIFY Collective, we love coworking spaces. Coworking is a style of working that involves sharing a working environment but individuals are working on independent activity. Created in order to combat the isolation of professions who work from home, independent contractors and other entrepreneurs who typically work alone. Coworking spaces allow for a social working environment that is created by the synergy of working around like-minded people and cultivating a coworking community. AMPLIFY hosts at least one coworking event per month, so we thought that we should feature some of our favorite coworking spaces.

Indie Desk

The first coworking space in Downtown LA, Indie Desk was created to provide freelances in any industry a space to work. They set out to create a vibrant community for tech, creative and freelance entrepreneurs with the hope that they can use this space as a way to jumpstart their careers and ultimately graduate to a space that they can call their own. Indie Desk provides quality job opportunities and expendable incomes that fuel local economies, making it truly a community working from bottom to top organization.

1 Roof

Located in Venice Beach, 1 Roof supports female entrepreneurs and female owned businesses by providing shared work space that offer everything that you need to take your ideas from inspiration into realisation. To 1 Roof, it’s not just an office, it’s a home. Events like meditation, educational workshops, coaching sessions, brainstorming and yoga are just a couple examples of what takes place at 1 Roof. It is a place to create a community for women, allowing many entrepreneurs and other business women a place to work but also a place for inspiration and friendships, where a shared work space is only one component of their overall offering.

Blank Space

Blank Space is a brand of coworking offices in LA operating since 2008. From private offices to a communal WorkBar, Blank Spaces cultivates a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers to share office space and collaborate. Filled with a variety of meeting rooms that can be turned into event spaces, Blank Spaces offers flexibility to fit any workspace. It is a permanent place to work every day, a place to meet a client, host events and a fun space just to hang out and get inspired. There are currently 3 Blank Space locations in LA, located in Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire and Downtown LA. 

What are your thoughts on co-working? Have any favorite coworking spaces? Let us know on social media where you like to co-work and we may even host a coworking day there!